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For decades, snowbirds and seniors have been traveling outside of Canada and the US to get their dental work done. Now, thousands of people from around the world travel to countries like Mexico, Hungary and Cuba for dental care.  And it's not just retirees!  Families including children, young men and women, even high-income CEOs are thinking outside of the box and traveling to an exciting destination and saving thousands of dollars!

Why? The main reason is for the affordable dentistry! Who wants to have to take out a loan or second mortgage or take a huge chunk out of savings just to take care of their teeth?   Sure, it is more convenient to simply head down to your local dentist.  But some people can’t afford that kind of convenience when the cost of some major dental procedures cost tens of thousands of dollars! 

Lower Cost of Treatment


How can these countries afford to offer these dentistry procedures so inexpensively?  There are a few reasons.  For one, the cost of liability insurance can be thousands of dollars less than in North America. For example, liability insurance in the US or Canada could be $50,000 per year, whereas in Mexico it runs around $800 per year. This allows the medical community to offer their professional service at a fraction of the cost. Not only that but operational costs like rent and utilities and supplies are also less expensive than in North America. Labour costs are also less costly than in North America.  Dentists that are in the business of attracting the medical tourist are far more accommodating, they understand that the patient is price conscious and that they are traveling to a foreign country and may be a bit nervous.


Sample Pricing (in USD)

Starting From...

  • Invisalign:  $4,500

  • Braces (ceramic and metal):  $450

  • Three-Unit Bridge:  $420

  • Crowns:  $160 per tooth

  • All on Four:  $4,300

  • Porcelain Veneers: $275

  • Lumineers: $350

  • Acrylic Dentures: $190

At Humanicare, we can connect you with quality credentialed dental specialists that have confirmed their certifications and show that they are also invested in their continuing education, just as dentists are required to do in North America.